Indian Environment Network is the Gateway to the Indian Environment Market at http://www.paryavaran.com. The network has members from 2000+ environment organizations across the world.

Paryavaran.com is about eco-systems. A web of relationship between individuals and organizations that developed due to their common goal towards a sustainable society.

It is also about dreams. Dreams in the eyes of young and not so young environment professionals, nature lovers and organization who strive to find satisfaction in the service of mother earth. We cannot let that dream die soon.

"Network of Indian Environment Professionals LLC" created the first and only International Association of Indian Environment Professionals and Organizations that provides a platform for Indian Environment Professionals to interact with each other, exchange ideas, sell their expertise and innovations to the International Environment Community and empower their career with the knowledge that they are not alone...

Indian Environment Network is a premier meeting ground for Environment Professionals and the prospective employers and environment vendors in this promising field. Join today at http://www.paryavaran.com

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