Day out with RUR's Green Gold Aerobic Bio Composter

Every environmental organization has a key product or service that fulfills the organizations Green mission. GreenGold Aerobic Bio Composter is one such champion product for RUR Greenlife!

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network will have a LIVE social media conversation with Dr. Aparna Pandey, on how to incorporate this arsenal in the everyday life of environmental warriors. She has a PhD in microbiology and her passion comes through when she talks about the Bio-Composter that can be the pride of every home. Catch us LIVE on and facebook and youtube on Wednesday September 2, 3:30 PM India Time/ Sep 2, 6 AM US EST!

Here is the youtube link:

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Indian Environment Network, which networks professionals from more than 2500 organizations on one platform is happy to launch a series of Green "Product interviews" for the products being listed in our "Indian EcoMarket" section by our partners! If you have a champion product, join as a partner to schedule your own "LIVE" product review and take your brand to the next level!

Join as a patron member of Indian Environment Network for mentorship sessions with Dr. Aparna on how to reduce, recycle and reuse wastes and turn them into Green Gold!

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