Information about Day Out with a Star

How it works

How it works

DayOutWith is a very elegant and simple marketplace. Browse through the listings here. Contact the HumanStars to see if the days that you want to go out with them are suitable for both. Go ahead and pay for the privilege.  Connect on the D-Day and spend some quality time together. You will never be disappointed! Contact us if you need any help connecting or adding your listing. Agreement:

We are a third-party booking marketplace: is a third-party booking marketplace that connects experts and ordinary people and organizations to spend a day out with together to lean and share their experiences. We do not assume liability for connecting people and organizations and solely act as a connecting marketplace online. 

 PayPal: allows all users to use their PayPal business or premier account to buy or accept payments for services on


Currently, only our partners can post any listings on Please contact us to post any listing.

There is no charge to list your experiences on If a customer purchases your services, you will be charged 12% commission on any listing sold.  Paypal charges an additional approximately 3% to process your credit card online and transfer money to you. These are the only fees you will be charged for using

If you would like us to post and manage your listing and promote you on the marketplace, please contact us . An additional charge to manage the listing may apply.


When listing please include as much information as possible so anyone buying your services can have a clear understanding of the listing they are booking. 


Refunds and cancellations should be on a case by case basis. Whenever you list your services, clearly identify if you have a cancellation policy, and if you do the terms. Users should notify the listing owner as quickly as possible if they need to cancel or refund. We are not responsible for refunds or cancellation and do not offer a guarantee so we can only refund the payment from PayPal with both party consent.