Day out with Dr. Shubhalaxmi- Moth Lady of India!

We are proud to nominate Dr. Shubhalaxmi Vaylure, a celebrated entomologist and environmentalist as our next "Human Star" under "Day out with a Star" platform at . Dr. Subhalaxmi, recently authored a field guide to Indian moths inspiring the young naturalists to learn more about the beautiful world around them!

Chandra Kishore, Founder, "Day out with a Star" platform will sit with Dr. Subhalaxmi over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live on May 12 8:30 PM India time/ May 12 11:00 AM US EST.

The interview will be broadcasted on Facebook Live on our facebook page . Please LIKE and share the page to get alerts when the interview starts.

Here is a brief profile of Dr. Subhalami:

Dr. Shubhalaxmi is an environmentalist with exceptional knack of merging business and biodiversity for common good with a global perspective. She is an entomologist (insect scientist), educationist and an ecopreneur. She formed a social enterprise- Ladybird Environmental Consulting in 2014, Birdwing Publishers and a NGO- iNaturewatch Foundation in 2016. Besides her scientific acumen, she is known for her communication, training, and networking skills.

In her exceptional journey of 23 years, Dr.Shubhalaxmi decoded the formula of returns on biodiversity (ROB) to attract CSR funds She is the winner of Green CSR Award 2016, selected for TechnoServe’s Business Accelerator Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in 2015, recognized Ph.D guide for Mumbai University, two times winner of global competition of U.S. State Department’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (2014,2014) and Fulbright Fellow (2003, 2009).

She is India’s first woman entomologist to study moths and she is nicknamed as Mothlady/Buglady. She authored India's first-Field Guide to Indian Moths. She holds a Ph.D. from Mumbai University in Entomology. She studied nonprofit management and distance education from Boston University. She studied over 75 nature education centers of United States of America.

She worked with the conservation education department of BNHS for 21 years and left as Deputy Director in 2014 to start her social enterprise. She has designed over 55 programmes, 35 projects and developed India’s first online courses in Biodiversity Conservation, Entomology, Herpetology& Ornithology. She is member of Advisory Council for World CSR Day. She also represents the environmental studies board of K.J. Somaiya College. She is member of IUCN group on Conservation Education. She is an online guest faculty at Boston University

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