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70% of India is villages but most of them are backward. Education is the first step towards a developed society, so fixing education in backward villages is utmost important in India. Further all-round development of the society will naturally follow with educated and ambitious future working class.

We established EArtH Foundation in 2012 and built an efficient, scalable, and transparent platform to eliminate root problems in backward villages and transform to educated societies. This is not on-the-surface, not half-hearted, not just to satisfy our souls, not just help few kids. EArtH is working on this with lot of passion hoping for a QUALITY INDIA.

These 2 goals complement each other to form a comprehensive educated society.

  1. Send every kid to school
    Changing parents’ mindset by creating awareness on education.
 This creates self-sustainable change.

  2. Provide Personality developing education

    Real education=Academics + Personality development
    [Arts, sports, communication skills, moral values, social responsibility, etc.]

We work only in govt schools. Further all-round development will naturally follow in the village after education is fixed. More of such villages will help form a Quality India.

-Adopted 9 Villages with 1250 kids
-Student enrollments went up by 93% (see below table).
-Academic performance improved by 112% (2015-16 results).
-Personality Developing skills :
Won many awards in competitions, including national and state level awards.

You have an opportunity to become a part of the enormous change that we are bringing to rural schools and enrich your life with an amazing learning experience.

An overview of EArtH:

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