Information about Day Out with a Star


DAYOUTWITHASTAR.COM - Day Out With stars from "Social Media"!

What is this community marketplace?

We are a platform where you learn directly ( face-to-face, in -preson or virtually) and receive inspiration from change-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and ordinary people of this universe.  

This community marketplace is a face-to-face story sharing platform with Stars that you read about in the social media on facebook, youtube, snapchat, instagram and other social media platforms

 Experience a life changing moment after meeting your favorite star that you adore in the social media.  Even robots and products and devices you adore are included!

What do you need to do to connect with someone and book their time?

There are two simple steps. 

1) Use the contact button to request permission to connect with the "Star".

2)  If they agree, use the buy button to reserve time.

Who is a Star?

A Star need not be a celebrity or a Superstar. They are someone or something who has been highlighted in the social media in a way that makes us laugh, cry, crave or empathize with! The hallmark is the positive attitude and ability to set an example for others by their words and visuals on Social Media. 

What is the mission of this marketplace?

The mission of this marketplace is to mentor and support a million " Stars"  by creating unique story sharing opportunities, one experience at a time..

How do we create impact?

 The focus is on sharing a good story and make it a learning experience that resonates with us and makes us a better person. 

Why should Stars charge a fees for sharing their experiences?

The marketplace eliminates the frivolous demands on the time of these stars by suggesting a price. It creates value for their time. They are free to use this value to further their own vision or mark it to charity. Alternatively, they can keep their listing free.

Can an organization join as a Social Media Star?

Organizations are legal individuals. We are now creating new kind of organizations like benefits corporations, green corporations and responsible corporations who use social goals as a tool to generate tangible benefits for themselves and the society. They are all welcome to join us.

What next?

For you and me who wants to experience a life changing "Aha" moment, go ahead and book a "story session" right now! This is an exciting place to learn from the experience of gurus, leaders and masters. 

Who can create a Listing?

 Contact us to share your learning experience on this platform. We will call you to make sure that your listing can make a positive impact in the society. Someone, somewhere wants to connect with you and learn from your rich experience. And he is ready to pay for the privilege!

Contact us...

This marketplace is a melting pot for the world citizens who want to go way beyond social networking to befriend innovators and professionals who can help them learn how to create value in the society.  

Email us through the "Contact us" page to brainstorm your ideas and get the most out of this learning experience. The future of this community depends on you!