Facebook Live meeting with CEO, Organica Biotech- March 11

We featured Dr. Ganesh Kamath, Founder & CEO, Organica Biotech as our next 'Human Star". Don't miss the chance to spend a day out with a true Human Star working tirelessly to nurture and rejuvenate our planet !

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network http://www.paryavaran.com shared a virtual cup of coffee with Dr. Kamath on Facebook Live on March 11, 2017, 8 AM US EST, 6:30 PM India time.

A must watch for budding entrepreneurs who can learn from his journey to serve the environment and mother earth. Learn more about Organica Biotech at http://www.organicabiotech.com/. check the interview at http://www.facebook.com/dayoutwith.

About the Expert: Dr. Ganesh Kamath is a Doctorate from Temple University, Philadelphia, from the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has worked in various capacities in the area of pharmaceutical sciences at various organisations viz. Temple University Hospital, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Rite-Aid Pharmacy, Whitehall Robbins and Futura Biosystems. On one of his trips to India, Ganesh noted the environmental degradation that the country was grappling with and decided to work on this problem through his scientific capabilities and hence give back to society by establishing a social business in the country. He promoted Organica Biotech right here in Deonar starting with some R&D to develop its first products and this company now has progressed to selling its products in several countries across the globe. The products made by Organica Biotech has established itself in Central Europe and due to its credible work has been rated as one of the top twenty “Environmental Biotech” companies in the world. Other than water and waste treatment the company also helps in growing safer foods by increasing yields for farmers while reducing the amount of pesticide usage. The company has treated several hundred wastewater treatment plants, installed several biotoilets and helped grow safer foods over several thousand acres.
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