Learn Rare Cherial Painting Art form from Sonali on Facebook

All those lovers of rare and dying art forms must rejoice! Join us on Facebook Live (Friday, January 19, 6:30 AM India time/ Jan 18, 8 PM US EST) to meet Sonali Chowdhary, our next "Human Star" under our "Day out with a Star" platform www.dayoutwithastar.com ! "LIKE our facebook page www.facebook.com/dayoutwith where the interview will be broadcasted.

Sonali and many other art lovers are on a mission to save Cherial painting from dying by promoting this art form through various media to ensure that the beautiful heritage continues.. Cherial painting is a beautiful folklore based art form which originated in the 17th century and is now practiced by only 15 decedents of the family. Best thing is the painting uses only natural dyes and colours extracted out of river stones, sandstones, charcoal, indigo etc. In this virtual meeting Sonali will go through the history of the art form and show you some of her sample creations. We will also discuss our upcoming online art class on Cherial painting.

                                                 Cheriyal scroll painting is one of the earliest forms of audio – visual   entertainment in Telangana state. Hundreds of year ago, the story telling communities used to travel through the villages of Telangana, singing and narrating stories using the scroll as their visual aid. The scroll measures about 3 feet in width and can extend over 60 feet. The scrolls contain about 40 to 50 panels, each depicting a part of the story and would be displayed as the story unfolds.. Their work is mainly focused on community specific storyline. Cheriyal paintings are a unique pictorial presentation of the numerous tales from Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana and the various Indian Puranas. They acted as wonderful means of communication, particularly useful for illiterate people and conveyed significant moral virtues, motivating people to be virtuous.

Leave your questions for Sonali in the comments section and we will certainly take it up during the live webcast. The direct link to the broadcast is https://www.facebook.com/dayoutwith/videos/902042316620441/

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About the Expert: Sonali Chowdhary is an economic development professional with over 17 years of experience in financial inclusion, agri and urban value chains, market development, housing finance, business strategy and institutional development. Since 2013, Sonali is working as an independent consultant supporting projects in South-East Asia, Europe and Central Asia regions for the World Bank, FAO, United Nations Development Program, USAID, and Habitat for Humanity International. She picked up nuts and bolts of microfinance and livelihoods from BASIX, an Indian MFI, where she managed field operations and provided advisory support to several emerging MFIs. Later she joined SEEP Network, USA and led various multi-country projects on market development and urban value chains in the capacity of Director for Enterprise Development vertical. Sonali was a DFID scholar at the University of Bath UK where she received her master’s degree in international development. She holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Forest Management and post graduate degree in agricultural sciences from Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University.
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