Day out with Nate: Young Leader shaping a Low Carbon Economy

We are proud to nominate Nate Van Beilen as our next "Green Star" under "Day out with a Star" platform at for working to shape the future of our society as a low carbon economy.

Nate is currently focusing on the development of innovative financing strategies for the transition to a low-carbon economy at The Climate Solutions Group. Nate is also involved with circular economy initiatives, and contributes to Just Vertical, a start-up providing innovative sustainable agriculture solutions for urban settings. Nate is the Director of Strategy at a think tank called the Centre for Development and Strategy (CDS), and writes articles and blogs for multiple websites.

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network and "Day out with a Star" platform sat with Nate over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live on May 28, 11 AM US EST at

This series is brought to you by Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) Program, University of Toronto, Canada. Nate is also an illustrious Alumni of the institute. The MScSM program provides the training for their graduates to act outside the traditional disciplinary black boxes; integrate knowledge from management, social, and natural sciences to address sustainability issues; and make leading contributions and lasting advances in sustainability management. Learn more about the program at

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Here's more about Nate:

Nate likes asking big questions and working towards solutions to solve them. How will an expanding population with a growing appetite thrive on a planet that is losing its capacity to regenerate itself? And how can we dramatically increase carbon and resource productivity?

Nate is a highly motivated sustainability professional who is working towards a flourishing low-carbon future and has a background in a variety of government and business organizations. Nate is currently an Associate at the Climate Solutions Group Ltd., based in Toronto and focuses on business development. In this role he:
• helps develop innovative strategies and models for emission reduction/low-carbon project financing,
• follows emission reductions-related policy development and regulatory changes across North America,
• analyzes market trends for environmental commodities such as emission allowances, carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and low carbon fuels,
• communicates low-carbon investment, funding, and purchasing opportunities to stakeholders,
Nate has other business and professional involvements with other companies that deliver solutions for a greener world.

Nate is involved with the financing and business development of Just Vertical, a Toronto-based start-up focusing on delivering highly productive and cost-effective urban agriculture solutions. He is also following the regulations around laneway housing in Toronto and conducts research for a potential start-up that will build and finance top-quality, energy efficient laneway homes.

Nate is also a participant in the Ontario Circular Economy Lab which is developing national strategies for a waste-free, low-carbon future, is a Climate Reality Leader, trained in Pittsburgh, 2017 and also holds certifications in ISO-14064-3: GHG Validation and Verification, and in permaculture design.

About the Expert: Nate holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) from the University of Toronto through the Institute of Management and Innovation and the collaborative program with the School of the Environment. Nate also holds a B.A. (hons) from the University of Waterloo in the Cooperative Arts & Business program with a major in political science, a minor in economics, and specialization in global engagement. Nate has multiple academic papers published focusing on carbon sequestration and sustainable agriculture. He has many blogs and articles published online on a range of subjects including carbon markets and policy, real estate and sustainability reporting. Feel free to reach out to Nate on Linkedin.
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